Open In Firefox 

A Google chrome extension

The best way to send your tab from Chrome to Firefox!


  • Windows, OS X, Linux

  • Send one tab or all of them - by a press of a button!

  • New technology, the only extension that really works


Why a Host is needed? 

As Chorme runs in a 'sand box' a native messaging host is need to communicate with Firefox.

The host will run automatically by Firefox each time you will send something to Firefox.




Remark: The host doesn't contain any virus although windows defender says so (mine too)!!



    Windows: Just run the installer (No python is needed)


    OS X and Linux (Python is needed):

     1. Download the rar file.

     2. Extract to a folder (do not delete afterwards).

     3. Run from the command line.



For those of you that installed the host and it still doesn't work:
1. Install python!
2. Locate the folder of firefox and update it in the options.


Restart both Chrome and Firefox and than try!



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